Extreme Croquet

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Extreme Croquet

extreme croquet

If you are looking for a fun game that you and your family can play together – or even if you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends – a great idea for you to keep in mind is playing croquet. Of course, when croquet comes to mind for most people, they think of something that is sort of boring and not that much fun, but for this reason, you should consider playing “extreme croquet,” which of course is completely different from regular croquet!

When you are setting up to play extreme croquet, the first thing you should do is spread the course over as much of your yard as you can; if you have a side yard, for instance, and a front yard, have the croquet course bend around your house, even crossing over your driveway, so that you are using as much of your yard as you have available to you for your game of croquet.

You might think that it will present problems to try and use so much of your yard, as this will put obstacles in the way, but this is part of the fun of extreme croquet; in fact, you should even consider setting up obstacles intentionally, or putting the wickets in places that will make them extremely difficult to get to, as the more difficult the course, the better the game of extreme croquet!

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And the final rule of playing extreme croquet is that you should tweak the rules as much as you want; if you do not know how to play croquet, this is no problem at all, as you should be setting your own rules to begin with – simply looking up the basic rules of croquet online, and then from there deciding how you want to change the rules to suit the game you’re hoping to play!

Prior understanding of the game of croquet is not required in order to enjoy extreme croquet, and it requires no experience whatsoever; extreme croquet does not require any talent at croquet or any similar sports; for extreme croquet, you simply have to want to play, and want to have fun, and you will be able to enjoy a great game in your yard!

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