How to Make a Miniature Treehouse

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How to Make a Miniature Treehouse

how to make a miniature treehouse

A simple yet very effective project, this model treehouse is ideal as a tree or table decoration or used as a model for craft, games and play. The items used are easy to find––twigs and craft sticks.

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  1. Find a suitable branch. Take a walk outside in fine weather for a suitably sized branch (or twig) that will form your “mini tree”. Do not collect wet or damp wood as this may rot or grow mold as time goes on. The branch must have a crook in which the mini treehouse can nestle.

  2. Design a shape for your treehouse. The size will be determined by what will fit into the crook of the branch. Draw the design on paper if you cannot visualize it. Use images of existing treehouses that you have seen to direct your design.

  3. Lay out the craft sticks on a sheet of newspaper. It will help to stand the branch in something sturdy so that you can work on the treehouse without the branch moving.

  4. Glue the craft sticks together in the shape of the treehouse design.

  5. Let it dry. Follow the gluing instructions for the correct length of time.

  6. Decorate the treehouse. Paint the craft sticks, add little miniature items of furniture, miniature books, bits of moss, feathers, food and even glitter. To finish, add some model people if you like.

  7. Place the model treehouse on a stand or in a jar for its final display. Make sure that the base of the stand or jar that you use is strong enough to hold the treehouse upright, especially if the miniature treehouse is to be a toy that is played with (see “Tips” below). You can decorate the base by gluing moss, bits of bark, or fake grass to it so that it looks natural.

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