Yard Waste Composting

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Yard Waste Composting

yard waste composting

If you find yourself joining the green movement, you may find yourself looking for projects around your house to help in this. One amazingly easy thing to look into is backyard composting. The natural fertilizer produced by your compost will help improve your gardens growth.

Not only that but it is very easy to do. You can easy create your own bin or purchase a commercially available one. Either works great as long as you keep adding to them. You can easily add grass clipping along with dead leaves raked up during the early part of the year. These types of yard waste are a great way to start.

Cool composting can take a very long time to complete but is also an incredibly easy way to do it. Hot composting on the other hand takes a bit of finesse but you will have completed compost faster. Don’t add weeds to a cold compost because cold composting will not kill the seeds the weeds may carry (hot composting can). A great way to start is with a cool composting system.

Orange peels, fruit, veggies, apple cores, and egg shells make wonderful additions as well. These will not cause odor problems when they are mixed in with the grass clippings. You want to avoid adding meat, fats, or dairy products, as these cause foul odors and attact unwanted animals into your yard.

There are a couple things you can do to help with your cold composting. Turning over your pile every so ofter helps to increase bacteria levels breaking down your compost faster. Night crawlers can also be added whenever you run across them. They will help to break down the pile faster.

Once your compost has broken down completely, you will have a mulch that makes a great fertilizer for your gardens. With a new garden this makes a great addition, providing loosened soil for your plants to start growing in.

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